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Public Appearances and Community Outreach


Podcast "Philosophy in Colors" 2021 (scheduled)

Race and Racism in Role Playing Games -

Panelist at Philosophy and D&D, University of Calgary, July 2020

"There is no Tree of Life - Long Live the Tree of Life" -

Talk at the Apeiron Society, Calgary, Jan 2020  

"CRISPR babies and genetic enhancement controversies" -

Workshop at Elogroup consulting company, BH, Brazil, Dec 2018 

"How many plants do you see in the garden?" -

Talk at Trinity Lodge Retirement Home, Calgary, April 2017

Movie Screenagers: Growing up in the Digital Age -

Panelist at West Ridge School, Calgary, April 2017

Social Justice, "Delinquent Girls," and Affirmative Action -

Guest lecturer Introduction to Women's Studies, University of Calgary, Fall 2016


‘Get Out’, ‘Black Lives Matter’, and the Different Dimensions of Racism: Some Parallels to Kate Manne’s Misogyny Concept  July 2018

Turning the Metaphysics of Race upside down: Questions for Biological Race Realists 

April 2018

Philosopher-Scientists, Scientist-Philosophers and Philosopher-Philosophers: An Exercise in Futurology April 2017

The Status of Black/African-American Philosophers in the U.S. November 2016

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