Research Projects
1. Lineages The concept of “lineages” is taken for granted in many biological and philosophical discussions, but a closer look suggests that it has different meanings, scientific roles, and ontological assumptions depending on the context. These differences have significant ramifications for biology and philosophy, such as the idea that there are multiple kinds of lineages in the natural world. I explore this and other ideas in my dissertation and related papers (see below).
2. Race Are races real? I investigate how social values influence the answer of philosophers, scientists, and citizens to this question. For instance, recent defenses of biological racial realism are pluralistic (Hardimon 2017, Spencer 2019). Racial realism is pluralistic because it accepts that more than one concept of race is legitimate. How can we distinguish legitimate from illegitimate concepts of race? I consider whether and how social values play a role in answering this question. I am currently finishing my first manuscript about this issue (see below).  

3. Species I am mostly interested in philosophical problems about the existence and ontological nature of species. For instance, are species objective, natural groupings? I discussed this and related problems in a series of papers (see below). Currently, I investigate whether and how some biological phenomena, such as lateral gene transfer, defy the popular idea that members of a species are closely connected by natural processes (in short, a species is a "cohesive whole").


(2020) When Imprecision is a Good Thing, or How Imprecise Concepts promote Integration in Biology Biology & Philosophy 35 (6); 1-21 

(2019) What is a Lineage? Philosophy of Science  86 (5): 1099-1110 

(2016) Rethinking Species Cohesion and Individuality Biological Theory  11(3): 138-149 
(2012) Indivíduos ou Tipos Naturais? Estatuto Ontológico e Natureza Histórica das Espécies Biológicas em David Hull  (Individuals or Natural Kinds? The Ontological Status and Historical Nature of Species) in: Revista Rumos da Epistemologia, vol.11, UFSC. 

(2011) Considerações Críticas sobre o papel do conceito de “coesão” na tese espécies –como–indivíduos de David Hull (Critical remarks on the role of cohesion in David Hull's individuality thesis) in: História e Filosofia da Biologia, vol.6, n.2. 


Work in Progress

Rethinking the Use of Idealizations in Science: The case of Phylogenetic Trees (under review)

Moving Beyond the Multilevel Selection Approach to the Evolution of Multicellularity (draft upon request) - with Makmiller Pedroso

Inductive Risk meets the Metaphysics of Race: Challenging the New Deflationary Biological Race Realism (in preparation)

What does evolve? - with Ford Doolittle (in preparation)  




Biological Lineages in Philosophical Focus

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