Teaching Philosophy



I have experience teaching students at various levels and socio-economic backgrounds. These backgrounds inform how I design my courses. I invite students to apply the course material to current public debates that speak to their own experiences. 

More about my teaching philosophy here.

Courses Taught 



Dalhousie University


Fall 2021 Scientific Reasoning (scheduled)

University of Calgary 


Spring 2019     Philosophy of Race PHIL399     

Spring  2018    Information Technology Ethics PHIL314     


As a Teaching Assistant:


Fall 2018        Mind and World PHIL395 (Metaphysics)    

Winter 2018   Mind, Matter and God PHIL 201 (Philosophy of Mind and Metaphysics)   

Winter 2017   Introduction to Women's studies WMST201 (Philosophy of Gender)   



Instituto Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil)*


Spring 2013   Introduction to Philosophy of Science    

Spring 2013   Introduction to Research Methods    

Spring 2013   Introduction to Sociology - Senior High School Course    



Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil)*


2012/2013    Introduction to Philosophy of Biology  (Co-Instructor) 


* Syllabi in Portuguese available upon request



Planned Courses (Sample Syllabi)



Biomedical Ethics


Introduction to Philosophy of Science


Ethics and The Political Philosophy of Migration


Introduction to Philosophy of Mind and Animal Cognition                   


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